Chawz from Chewtopia - Alien Dog Toy


The Chawz from Chewtopia are intergalactic travelers from the Droolicon universe that have been in search of a specific and incredibly rare enzyme. When they are exposed this enzyme, it keeps them from going bald and for a Chaw this makes all the difference. The weeble on the top of their heads acts as an antenna so they can speak to each other telepathically. After many light years of travel, the Chawz discovered that only the Earth's dogs posses what they need to keep their coifs full and lush. So here they are, gentle martians ready to serve Earth’s dogs in return for their regenerative breath. Each Chaw loves their Earth dog and their owners for helping them continue to communicate with their brethren. In return, these squeaky toys bond to their furry friends for life and are always up for a good time. 


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