Orphan Chawz Triplets

Was: $18.95
Now: $15.89
  • ORPHAN CHAW ALIENS are available as triplets (Packs of three) in search of a ship, squad and an Earth dog to call their own.
  • SQUEAKING EXCITEMENT! Each Chaw has a large squeaker inside that allows them to laugh with their dog friends when they are chewed on. This allows their Voov (gorgeous hair tuft), to stay healthy and full so they can communicate telepathically with their brethren back on Chewtopia's martian soil. The PERFECT symbiotic relationship.
  • FETCH! The Chawz are delighted to be tossed about for a game of fetch with their Earth dogs and owners. It reminds them of the buoyant atmosphere back on planet Chewtopia.
  • INTRODUCE ORPHANS to a Chawz from Chewtopia® Hide an Alien Toy and grow the squad!

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